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60 Inch Tv Mount

This is a 10" tv mount that allows for howlingly tall tv's (22in-62in) to be stuck right where they want them! The bracket also features a 10" wall mount so that any tv (including 4" and 5" models) can be attached without taking up any space. The mount is also backlit to make it easy to see in the dark.

Wall Mount For 60 Inch Tv

Wall mount for a 60 inch tv that has a hole in it for the tv stand. It can be customized to hold the tv in any desired position.

Wall Mount 60 Inch Tv

This is a great wall mount tv bracket for full motion hdtvs. The bracket has different options to fit different sizes and angles. The tv can be watched on the wall or against a wall. The bracket also includes a built in tv with remote. the tv wall mount is perfect for my 60 inch tv. It is powerful and secure with a locking design, making it perfect for using with or without a tv. The full motion anti-theft feature keeps my tv safe and secure, even when I'm not at home. this 60 inch tv wall mount is a great way to increase your tv space by mounting it on a sturdy base. The tv will technically be tilt-a-whirl with a vesa bracket for it. The tv also has a tilt function to make it look upend other films or tv shows. the samsung 60 inch tv wall mount is perfect forwall usage. This tv bracket comes with a full-motion tv card, making it the perfect place to watch your favorite shows. The tv bracket also includes a built-in sound system, making your tv viewing experience even better.